American Writers: Ernest Hemingway


Ernest Miller Hemingway (1899-1961) American writer

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Ernest Hemingway (07/21/1899-07/2/1961) did more to change the style on English prose than any other writer in the twentieth century, and for his efforts he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1954. Hemingway wrote in short, declarative sentences and was known for his tough, terse prose. Publications of "The Sun Also Rise" and "Farewell to Arms" immediately established Ernest Hemingway as one of the greatest literary lights of the twentieth century. As part of the expatriate community in 1920s Paris, the former journalist and World War I ambulance driver began a career that led to international fame. Hemingway was an aficionado of bullfighting and he covered the Spanish Civil War, portraying it in his brilliant novel "For Whom the Bell Tolls", and he subsequently covered World War II. His classic novella "The Old Man and the Sea" won the Pulitzer Prize in 1953. He died on July 2nd, 1961.

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